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This past Sunday, Joseph preached on the topic of giving and the life of radical generosity we are called to as Christians. As part of his message, he took the practical step of spreading out $5 bills across our sanctuary table and invited everyone to take them and use them during the week to bless people out in the community. Here are just two testimonies we've heard from that experience!

"I remembered the $5. from Sunday tucked in my wallet when we saw 3 homeless people sharing a box of cereal on the curb as we entered a grocery store today. I walked past them because I only had the one bill on me.  I prayed for another opportunity and placed the bill in a gospel tract I had in my purse. It didn't take long. On leaving the store Ken noticed a person rush past us. "I think that was another homeless person" he said,  "It looked as if he was crying." I pursued the figure and tapped him on the shoulder. He was about 18 and looked distraught and confused. "Jesus told me to give this to you" I said. "Really!" he replied incredulously. He took the money with the tract and thanked me. God is awesome."

"Got my chance to bless someone already today! I was standing at the gas pump fueling my vehicle when a younger guy pulled in on the other side. I clearly felt God say "Give it to him". So I gave a little explanation about how we are looking to bless random people in our community and he looked a little taken aback! He just looked at me and said "Are you sure?" in such a hopeful way. I said absolutely and handed him the money. The smile on his face was worth way more than $5! As he got back in his vehicle, I noticed he had his wife and 2 small children in there with him. I wondered if God was using that moment show His kindness to more than just the recipient. I love watching God at work "

Watch the video for the full message!