"Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us" (Richard Foster)

At Oceanside one of our core values is Transformative Prayer. We desire that everything we do flows out of a life of prayer so that our hearts are as closely aligned with God's heart as possible: what the great spiritual writers call "union with Christ." This prayer takes on many forms: passionate intercession, silent listening, liturgical prayer, groanings too deep for words, and much more. No matter the type of prayer, the purpose is always to engage the heart of God and allow Him to transform our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

A few of the ways we corporately prioritize prayer:

Oceanside Prayer - Every Tuesday, 10am-12pm

Bringing people into a transformational encounter with Jesus

Everyone Welcome! (a space for kids is available as well)

Note: Currently on Summer Break until Sept/Oct.

Oceanside Prayer is a weekly two-hour drop-in time providing the space and opportunity to meet with Jesus. There are two “streams” or purposes to this time.  

The first stream is to pray with people. We offer and practice a form of what is often called “listening prayer” or “healing prayer.” What we mean by that is simply asking Jesus, through prayer in His presence with others, to reveal the cause or root of a presenting problem and then inviting Him into the situation to heal the broken heart.

This prayer is not so much about praying for you but with you in the presence of Jesus. Prayer workers are there simply to come alongside you and guide you into a transformational encounter with Jesus. We are not counsellors and counselling advice is not our goal or objective. Our desire is for you to hear from Jesus yourself (John 14:21).

The second stream is to provide a place of prayer for the community. Therefore, if you simply wish to pray alone and just want a space to come and be with Jesus, we invite you to join us in the sanctuary anytime during these two hours as prayerful music plays. We just ask that you respect others’ privacy and the ministry taking place during that time.  

Overall, Oceanside prayer is based on the faith assumption that Jesus is best-suited to healing the ailments of our soul and our lives. He loves to make us whole because he loves us. Here are some of the ways the Bible says that He transforms us:

  • He heals the sick
  • He casts out demons
  • He repairs brokenness
  • He replaces lies with truth
  • He brings freedom to those in bondage
  • He forgives sin
  • He brings light into darkness

If you wish to bring to Jesus any problems at all, we would be glad to come alongside you! If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Sunday Services

We begin with pre-service prayer every Sunday from 9:30am-9:45 in the prayer room: all are welcome to join us.

There are then regular opportunities to pray and be prayed for by our Prayer Team Ministry every Sunday during our service.

Monthly Prayer & Worship Gathering ("Unite")

See the Events page or below for the next upcoming prayer gathering and join  us for a night of uniting our hearts with Jesus and each other through prayer and song.

Email Prayer Alerts


Submit Prayer Request

If you'd like to submit prayer requests or receive prayer updates on how to pray for others, please sign up for our prayer list using the button above or email [email protected]

You can also submit your prayer requests using a prayer request card on Sunday morning.

Prayer Room

The prayer room is available for both group and individual use. Book an hour or a whole day to spend some time in retreat and prayer. Music, work space, and prayer guides are available upon request. Email [email protected] for more information. 

Prayer Resources

The 10:02 Call to Pray for the Harvest

Following the lead of our District Fellowship, we are encouraging everyone to set aside a time each day to pray for workers for the harvest. Luke 10:2 says, “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest fields”.  Set your smartphone or device to remind you at 10:02am or pm to pray for labourers and an increase in workers for the harvest fields in our community and around the world.