The Heart of Hospitality

Listen as we explore key texts that illustrate one of our church's core values:

Mutual Hospitality

We desire that all feel welcomed, loved, and accepted here. The God of hospitality calls us to open our doors and our hearts to one another. By “mutual” we mean that hospitality is a two-way street as we allow ourselves to be transformed by both giving and receiving, making ourselves vulnerable to each other, listening and confessing our sins to each other, forgiving each other, and bearing one another’s burdens. Biblical hospitality causes us to treat each other with humility and compassion, considering others better than ourselves. As in the early church, the message of forgiveness through Jesus and experience of the Spirit overcomes gender, racial, age, and socioeconomic barriers so that we testify to God’s kingdom by bringing and binding people together who might not otherwise seem to have much in common.