Hosea: Love that Can't Let Go

Imagine you’re a prophet of God. He’s called you to speak his heart and his words to His people. You’ve heard from him in the past and always been faithful to deliver his message. You love to hear his voice, but lately you haven’t heard from him in a while. You’ve prayed, you’ve waited, you’ve listened, but nothing’s happened. You see things happening around you, people rebelling against the Lord, and you wonder “God, don’t you want me to say or do something?” And yet you wait.

And then, finally, the voice comes – the silence is broken! And what does God say? What are his very first words to you? “Go and marry a prostitute.”

And so begins the book of Hosea.

“In choosing to study Hosea you have ventured into a turbulent place of love and justice, promise and pain, close to the heart of God.” (Dale & Sandy Larsen)

Come join us as we engage the heart of God through this intriguing book.