Faith Is...

What is Faith?

Faith is foundational to our relationship with Jesus.  Eph 2:8, “by grace you have been saved through faith.” We cannot become and live a full Christian life without a saving faith, and we cannot grow as a Christian unless we are growing in faith.  Hebrews 11, reflects on stories of men and women who lived lives of great faith.  They didn’t have it all together all the time, yet there were moments where they demonstrated what faith is. Through this series, we will look at the stories of these Old Testament heroes of faith and grow in our understanding of what Faith is. 

Check out each week's topics:

June 19 - What is Faith?

June 26 - Faith is... an Offering.

July 3 - Faith is... Pleasing to God.

July 10 - Faith is... a Holy Fear.

July 17 - Faith is... Obedience. 

July 24 - Faith is... An Eternal Promise.

July 31 - Faith is... Generational.

August 7 - Faith is... Not Fearing.

August 14 - Faith is... Impacting Others.

August 21 - Faith is... Counter Cultural.

August 28 - Faith is… What you will be commended for?