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Why This Course?

We all desire sexual integrity, whether it’s for ourselves or for others. But we struggle with knowing where to start.

Join us on Thursday evenings as we learn more about how our sexuality shapes an essential part of ourselves and how sexual healing and freedom is a necessary step in Christian discipleship. We will often break off into private groups for men only and women only

Who is it For?

Any Christian will benefit from this course and is welcome: single, married, divorced, engaged, young and old. Married couples seeking healing due to sexual brokenness past or present will especially benefit from the format.

Here’s what to expect with this 8-week course:
• A deep-dive into the factors that contribute to unwanted sexual behaviours
• Interviews with experts in the field of sexual health
• Testimonies of those transformed through a safe, grace-filled process
• Rooted in biblically-based and clinically-informed truths
• Practical tools and strategies that lead to lasting health

Session 1: Different Than Expected
Session 2: A Culture Of Grace
Session 3: Revisiting Our Past
Session 4: The Addicted Brain
Session 5: Tools For Sobriety
Session 6: The Need For Community
Session 7: Relationships And Recovery
Session 8: Healing Woundedness 
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