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During last week's Sunday service, we were blessed to hear Jennah share her testimony and experience of Alpha during our services! It was a great reminder of the importance of small-group discipleship as we prepare to launch a new 11-week Alpha course this October.

Here's a short write-up of her testimony:

"Through what some might call "happenstance" I wandered into this church in hopes of helping a friend. After a few months of singing, crying, listening, and visiting, I was hooked, but kept wondering - just what had I really gotten myself into?! I looked forward to coming but was I a Christian? What was with the whole communion wafer thing and why the reference to wind? Just who was I associating with and what did they believe?

Growing up without much real religion or spirituality in the home I was prepared to commit because I had no idea what was being offered or asked of me. For a long time I always stood at the back - I could be described as an enthusiastic church lurker! Alpha gave me a chance to explore those important questions and find some answers. I highly recommend Alpha to anyone wanting to know more about the "what and why" of Christianity. Alpha got me asking the right questions and seeking answers so that 3 years later I felt confident to take the plunge with water baptism!"