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Dear Church,

We provide for our community in so many ways throughout the year with food programs for food insecure families, supplies, support groups, practical help with rent, utilities, and even shelter during the extreme cold or extreme heat (you can learn more HERE).

We feel honoured, privileged, and blessed as a church to be in a unique position where we often know about people's needs or people reach out to us. Through our relationship with Errington Elementary over the years, we've been able to partner at Christmas in meeting the needs of local families. This year's needs range from a single Dad in need of diapers for his young boy, a family in need of heating their home with firewood, and other items.

This year more than gifts (although there's still some of those!) we're focusing on providing all the supplies and ingredients for a full Christmas turkey dinner for families we know need it. The school has specifically asked and tasked us at the church to provide this need.

These dinner baskets and gifts will be delivered from the church with notes of blessing and letting them know their local church loves them!