Update as of March 17, 2020:

Dear Church Family,

In light of the developing situation around the world and our country, here are the latest plans for our church.  

First, the not-so-fun news:

1.      ALL in-person church gatherings, including Sunday morning services and Life Groups, are suspended until further notice.

2.     The church building will be closed and not open to the public for the foreseeable future.  

However, our team is embracing this as an opportunity and challenge to continue to be the church in new ways! We are in no way ceasing operations or “shutting it down,” we’re just changing the way we do things for a while and gearing up in other ways!  

Although the church building is closed, the church remains very much open!  

So, here’s some of our plans:

1.      For this Sunday (and likely future Sundays), you will receive an email (please sign up for our e-newsletter here) with this week’s message, and possibly more content such as music, etc. We will be continuing together our series in John. We’re not sure what the format will be, but we expect at least this week will be a video!

2.     We plan to increase our digital communication with each other, so be sure to make sure you’ve like our FB page, subscribed to our YouTube channel, and other social media outlets below. We’ll be posting encouragements, devotionals, and other material. This is a time to lean into community, not away from it, and the best way we can do that right now is digitally.

3.     However, we’ll also be going “old school” and making sure everyone in the congregation (yes, everyone!) is personally contacted and has an opportunity for a personal chat and prayer with a pastor.

4.     In the meantime, we will be daily checking our church voicemail and email Sunday to Thursday, so please let us know if you’d like a call soon or need support in any way: 250-248-5333 or [email protected]  

We will be in touch with more information about all the above and other plans. Please know we are praying for you, our church, and the global church.  

We are asking the Lord to draw us near to Him and use this as a way to draw the church closer together, making it stronger even as we are physically apart.  

We love you, church!

The Pastoral Team of Oceanside